Oxford Debate: What Approach is Most Effective in Incentivizing Storage Deployment?

Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Time: 11:45AM - 1:00PM EST

Once attendees re-take their seats with lunch in hand, programming will resume with a dynamic lunchtime showdown between industry powerhouses bent on winning the audience over to their viewpoint. The topic: How can we best incentivize storage deployment? Should the focus be on wholesale markets, state programs, or utility planning?

While advancing market growth and removing barriers at every level is the name of the game for ESA and its member companies, is there a consensus in the industry regarding which approach is most effective in accelerating the widespread use of competitive and reliable energy storage systems in the U.S.? Is it through the pursuit of state legislation or regulation? Is it through improvements to wholesale market design? Or is does it best fit under the purview of utility planning? Tune in for the answer.